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Welcome to Triumph Over Trauma, where you can find trauma-informed community care resources provided by the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors in partnership with Harper Hill Global.  

Triumph Over Trauma


Trauma comes in many forms and can have severe, long-lasting effects on individuals, families, and communities.


Triumph Over Trauma begins with a 7-week psychoeducational program that aids people on their journey to recovery.

Volunteer facilitators are trained and equipped to lead a group in a creative, faith-affirming way.

If you would like to join an online group, please sign up here.

Triumph Over Trauma
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Get equipped to nurture recovery, help trauma survivors thrive, and soar!

Triumph Over Trauma
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Triumph Over Trauma
Triumph Over Trauma
Resources Package 

Download our free trauma-informed community care resources package with information, guides, and resources to learn about trauma and to help share our program with local community members.


Our resources package includes:

  • TAMAR 7-session Program Curriculum 

  • TAMAR-Youth Facilitator Manual  NEW

  • Facilitator Resources Guide (Attachment A) 

  • Participant Handouts (Attachments F & G)

  • Supplements for Christian, Islamic, Jewish, and Native American Contexts

  • Guide to Inclusion and faith-based settings

  • Media Kit with video, social media graphics, and sample posts

Triumph Over Trauma
Online Groups 


Join our online 7-week facilitated groups. 

Learn about the effects of traumatizing experiences, how to recognize unhealthy triggers, and how to choose healthy coping skills to improve the quality of your inner and outer life. Register

Triumph Over Trauma
Online Facilitator Trainings


Get equipped to lead the 7-week Triumph Over Trauma program and help trauma recovery in your community. Sign-up for our facilitator trainings, now available in English and Spanish. Register below. 

NEW Youth-Facilitator training just released!

REGISTER for Upcoming Events

2024 Training Events are in the works. We will release the schedule soon!


Trauma comes in many different forms. Identifying trauma, learning to deal with it,

heal from it, and moving forward can help you and those around you.